[cuttings | pinholes]

Good morning,

How was your long weekend? Ours was a good combo of work, play and rest. I got to see these gals again, and that's always a hoot!
Yesterday I relaxed. I cut some flowers from our patch of zinnias, cosmos, cockscomb, & daisies, took a cat nap, and I also finished the above pinhole piece. It will go into the shop by Monday, Sept. 8, my next shop update. Oh, I'm going to be pulling out alot of work by then as well. Some pieces have free shipping.

I'm excited about what we are doing at echoes. You're going to see a change, starting today!

+ This is such a great project.
+ Pretty calm is pretty lovely, go see.

Today's a studio day for me, so I'll be poking some holes. Tomorrow I teach.

see ya soon,