hello autumn

top} I made biscuits this weekend.
below} some autumnal flickr faves 1. loving fall. by Jen Causey, 2. signs of fall, by Kate Headley, 3. . by Susannah, 4. at the orchard, by Jen Altman

Good morning,
The change of seasons spurred me to organize and clean up tasks this weekend that I'd been procrastinating for an embarrassingly long time. And today I feel like redoing my inspiration wall, but first a note about autumn.

So, I've had a really hard time releasing summer this year, but, I think, perhaps, today I am ready. Hello Autumn. It's nice to see you again. I look forward to your apples, hues of gold, smells of bonfires, roasted chestnuts, shuffling through your paths of crunchy leaves, wearing hand-knit scarves, getting out the corduroy, my birthday, glowing pumpkins, seeing people walk a little closer to one another, root vegetables and countless other joys.
I'm glad God graces us with the bright autumnal colors and these glories before we embark on long months of various greys.

What are you looking forward to in this new season?

Happy autumn or happy spring to you,