and some tones

1} alternate from yesterday.
2} the drops of dew on this set of leaves caught my eye this morning.
3} tonality and light forming papercut patterns, from TOAST catalog.

Good morning,

Thank you, each of you for your kindess here and here yesterday. There would be little point to blogging without you. Like an artist needs a viewer [they say] to complete the artistic process, a blog thirsts for it's reader. And you each are beyond fantastic in your sincerity and interest. And please know how much I appreciate that you take the time to visit whether or not you leave a comment. Thank you.

And now I must go attend to the ideas for drawings swimming in my mind before they swim away. Drawings that, if they turn out, I hope to send to someplace special. And you know I'll tell you, soon. :)

Is anything catching your eye today? If so, leave a link in the comments. I'd love to catch a glimpse of what you're seeing.