[Noticing Project alternate from yesterday]

Good morning,

Do you ever have days where you go, go, go, and by the end, you're like a three year old who becomes a whirling dervish when tired? I suspect maybe you do? That was me yesterday. It was just a busy day and it kept going. Finally I stopped. When I got home the house was quiet.
Q u i e t .
I warmed a cookie, made some yogi breathe deep tea, sat down, and read some interesting and thought provoking blogs.

After reading Lisa's post and one she linked to, I thought more about my online persona and how it relates to me in the real, three dimensional world. I don't know if I really want to completely get into this now [because I just put a plum crisp in the oven and I need to take a bath as I'm still in my pajamas] but I will say I'm a pretty quiet, somewhat shy person. And perhaps I'm not quite as outwardly exuberant as are my typed comments. I don't like to overuse the exclamation mark, but I type it alot. I don't speak very loudly or with much emphasis in conversation, so why do I type that way?

If/when I type out "love" or "perfect", in regards to something I cringe at myself. Because honestly I do not love any fantastic outfit, or a photgraph, as beautifully composed as it may be. It seems easy to type 'love' about something when in reality it is a loaded word and full of enormous meaning and can be hard to actually say to someONE. It has been watered down to describe feelings about so many things.

And about perfect, well nothing truly is faultless or unerring, is it? In our world?

Those are my little thoughts anyway, thank you for taking time to read them. Do you have thoughts on the matter?

Soon Jen and I will show you our next Inspired pieces and I hope to share a sneak peek at my work on the art card subscription pieces.

till then,

ps. I made a new banner. I wanted something playful,,, for a while.