Inspired : 7

[Heather | Jen]

Hello to you,

I'm taking a break from working to share one of the August duos of Inspired, the collaboration with Jen. I like looking at these two together and finding the subtle similarities. I hope you'll go see [if you haven't already] the other pair too.

It's a drizzly and overcast afternoon here, which is just fine with me. I'm working in the studio and preparing for my shop update Monday. Here's a sneak peek of the watercolor paintings I'm adding. I'll also have a couple new pinhole pieces, inspired by my own papercut patterns.

Here's two great interviews :
Shanna Murray at Stephanie's
Melissa de la Fuente at Creature Comforts

And I owe you a huge thank you for your insight the past couple days here. You brought to light aspects I hadn't considered and as I have been reading and re-reading your comments [and hope to respond soon] I've been nodding and exclaiming in agreement. So thank you so much for sharing your personal reflections.

Back to work for me and I hope a good weekend for you,