early autumn findings

Good morning,

Yesterday really felt like autumn. It was overcast, a little damp, and quite cool. So cool that I wore a little fleece when I went walking last evening! I collected these things [in the photo] along the way.

Did you see Rachel's lovely home on design*sponge yesterday? I about flipped with excitement! Thank you to Christy, who emailed me to tell me! Also, Christy & Thereza tagged me last week; I haven't forgotten ladies. Thank you!

It's Tuesday, so that means we will be posting a new set of collections at echoes. This project is so much fun! I am really enjoying working with these ladies, partly because they're good friends, and also because now it involves sending & receiving fun mail.

I just took some granola out of the oven, it smells delicious. Care for some?

have a beautiful day today, ok?