allowing inspiration

Good Monday to you,

Lately I've been allowing myself to become inspired by following some creative whims. I did some letterpress printing the other day, have been looking at the photography of William Eggleston repeatedly and reading and having conversations about process.

The photographs above {and credited below} are some recent favorites of mine.
1} layers by Martha
2} introducing hilda & romulus... by Kerry/lush bella
3} Sunday play by Elisabeth
4} swim pond from above by Shari
5} found by Sarah
6} thinking on process by Rachel

Also, I keep thinking I'm going to share my new work with you and then I think to myself "it's just not ready". But I will say I'm working on a body of work that is comprehensive in the respect that it involves photography, painting, and printmaking. Some larger pieces will go to a few gallery exhibitions and other venues and I am making smaller pieces in the hopes of having a shop update soon. I'll keep you posted.

Thanks for stopping by. I hope something inspires your creativity today,

oh, and I changed the comment form here because some of you were saying you were having trouble with the word verification. I hope this helps and I also hope I don't get a bunch of spam. If that happens I'll have to go back.