sneak peek


How are you today? Are you ready for a little sneak peek of what I've been working on? I guess the real question is, am I ready? {Thank you for asking about it and caring to even mention your interest my work. I appreciate the fact you'd like to see.}

So here's a little selection of recent pieces from the "finding winter, drawing spring" series. There is also a sub-series called "whisper" seen in the lower left. The sizes range from 5in. x 5in. to 12in. x 15in. and include graphite, watercolor, pinholes, letterpress, and blind embossing on paper.

Some of the smaller works will become available in my shop {soon!} and the larger works I'll think I'll be sending elsewhere. There's also another component to this body of work not shown here, I'll save that for another time.

I'm currently inspired by the sparseness of winter and a sense of newness and how that is {as I mentioned before} a state of the heart. These works are open in format and process and thus a reflection of the meaning. I've been incorporating letterpress with the mixed media {as an act of play but also} to add another dimension, as the pinhole does.

To see }}
} "Colors" by Jay Waldron {click the second image in "colors" on his site, love.} seen via Design for Mankind.
} An Awesome Book by Dallas Clayton {thanks for the email Dallas!}
} We'll be posting about process this month at echoes. Next post later today.

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