little joys

Good morning, It's Friday,

Some little joys from the week }

I discovered yesterday that some of my watercolors that I've had since I was eleven or twelve years old are still soluble.

The last three nights in a row my husband has fixed our dinner, with neither consultation nor help from me. Meanwhile I either finished up work on the computer, in the studio, or worked out during that time. I told him he could have that job permanently if he liked. :)

I am so loving our new Noticing Project this year. Each day is a discovery, a surprise and truly {I believe} a reflection of the moments we cherish in our days.

I never tire of a collection of doilies.

Although it is still rather cold here, I awoke this morning to a light, lace-like dusting of snow on the ground. The world looks like a powdered sugar cake.

And frothed milk in my coffee this morning. It is always such a treat.

Is there a little joy from your week you'd like to share?

Have a nice weekend,