daily bread

Hi :)

Yesterday {Saturday} while I was supposed to be cleaning I decided to bake some bread. And feeling a little adventurous I made a recipe for "wheat germ and honey bread" that I'd not tried before. I've made a number of recipes from this book and they've all gone pretty well including {plain} "fancy rolls", "farmhouse white loaf", "rapid light wholemeal loaf", etc., just some good toast and butter recipes. It has instructions for using a bread machine and for making all by hand, which is what I do.

One thing I really need practice with and struggled with in this recipe is shaping the loaf. This dough was a little dense or tough and I felt like I was having to box it into shape. I got frustrated. It's not like a soft cinnamon roll dough that just is so supple in your hands. Perhaps you bread bakers have tips on shaping?
Regardless, it still tastes quite yummy and we had some for brunch today.

Tonight I'm making a big batch of vegetarian chili, yum.
And oh, I stand corrected. My husband made dinner last week for us every night since Sunday, not just three nights in a row. I caught a little slack for that.

Thank you for sharing all your little joys, I've been returning just to read them.

till soon,