do you ever?

have the kind of day where it winds up not exactly where you intended but it actually comes out better? I had something like that happen today. On the way home from the post office I stopped in one of my favorite galleries, Signs of Life and was able to catch up with the owners. I'll have some work {mostly oil paintings} in their new show opening this Friday. {If you're curious which pieces, #2, #9, #15, & #19 from their website's slide show will be included.}

Also I'm busy getting work ready for a shop update that I am hoping to do by Tuesday, February 3. The stack above is a brand new series called "whisper". I have other new things I'm excited about and will share soon! {And I forgot to mention yesterday that I listed two new small pinhole pieces.}

launching wednesday }
} two days in july, a collaboration between a painter and a poet Sarah Ahearn Bellemare & Kate Stavish.
} the first set of print + press, and there will only be 20 available!

I'm hungry, I believe it's time to go heat up some chili. Did you watch the inauguration today?