stopping to notice

{alternate from 1/28/09}

Good day :)

A few things }

} It is gloriously sunny today and I like seeing snow hiding in pockets by the woodpile and in northern shadows.
} This morning while making copies on the copier at work I noticed an article related to this story. Joshua Bell played in a subway station back in January '07 as a social experiment to see how people recognize beauty and art in an unusual environment at an inopportune time. He played six Bach pieces for about 45 minutes on a $3.5 violin and he went largely unnoticed as over a thousand people rushed past on their way to work. It mentioned the ones who did notice him and the music most were children. Interesting isn't it? It makes me think how we're too busy to notice things right in front of us and how we construct the environments we feel are appropriate for appreciating art. (Original article in the Washington Post)
} Rachel just added three beautiful film prints to her shop! Man, she's good.
} Here's a peek at four new watercolors I'll be adding to the shop on Tuesday.
} I'm craving quiche. Perhaps that's what I'll make for dinner tonight.

If you have any thoughts about that article, I'd love for you to share,