Working, thinking, printing and the flu vaccine

Yesterday I worked in my studio, at times with utter quiet. No voices coming from below, or music, and I didn't have my radio on the whole time. I worked without distraction and could hear myself think. I remembered when I did a two week artist residency one summer in Vermont and I worked for that time with absolutely no music or radio in a studio on a hill surrounded by a big field. I was so productive during those two weeks.

When I did have the radio on yesterday there was talk about H1N1 and the flu vaccine. I usually do not get the flu shot but am wavering slightly this year. What's your take on that? Are you getting a flu shot? I'm taking a little poll in the sidebar.

And here is the lithography print I promised I'd share, this image shows it after layer three. I am working on another layer and color.  What do you think?