The Working Proof

{Recent drawings, working with layering.}

Have you seen the amazing new project called The Working Proof? It is founded by Anna Corpron and Sean Auyeung, also known as Sub-Studio. It's is an online print gallery and shop with the mission of promoting both art and social responsibility through a series of limited-edition prints. Each print is paired with a charity of the artist's choice and part of the proceeds benefit that charity. A new print is debuted per week on Tuesdays at 1:30pm, EST. The first piece is by Samantha Hahn, go check it out! You will also be seeing a new print from me in upcoming weeks, I'll keep you posted. You can also sign up for their newsletter to get advance notice of new releases or follow them on twitter!

Thank you for sharing your impressions and experiences about flu vaccines. When M. got home last night he said "You know, 'they're' saying everyone should just get the H1N1 vaccine when it become available." That wasn't exactly what I was expecting to hear from him. So far in the my poll, the "NO's" have more votes.

Busy day ahead, see ya!

ps. Sorry, my photo really doesn't have anything to do w/ the post. I just wanted to show you ideas I'm considering for upcoming work.}