A pinhole leaf, UPPERCASE & Poppytalk

You know how ideas come to you suddenly and inexplicably sometimes? Even though I have been doing pinhole work for nearly ten years, I think yesterday was the first time I had used a leaf as my paper. Here's another view of the bird.

UPPERCASE Magazine Issue 3 arrived in my mailbox yesterday, and wow, it is another jaw dropper. So many amazing articles including a piece on Geninne's lovely studio. There's also a piece about Martha written by yours truly. It was such an honor to write the Blog Beautiful feature about her and I just think Janine and her staff do stellar work, don't you?

And my last little bit of news is almost news to me as well. Somehow I misplaced an entire week of October. I thought I had another week before the Poppytalk Handmade Indie Love Market. {smacking hand to forehead!} It opens this Monday, Oct. 19 and needless to say I am thrilled to be part of it again.  Jan does such a great job. So I will be making this print "hope SEEDS" available in conjunction with the new PHM. 

I bid you a happy one,