Thoughts & process


So after a sort of quiet online day yesterday I feel I can find a few words to share today about my new lithography print "Looking forward". {I'm a quiet person and just can't talk all the time.} I have assembled some images of where I found inspiration, source material, and process.

This skeleton of a house is a current project my husband and his company are working on. They have gutted it, torn off the additions, and what remains is the original 19th century structure. Looking at it I thought, "Really, you guys are rescuing this?!" His response was "Yeah most people may just want to tear it down, but it is a historic building." He values that history and the individuals who built it 100+ years ago and I for one know that he can turn that into something amazing. I have seen it happen.

The actual house was shifted off it's original site, to the side of the lot so a full basement could be poured. Just yesterday it was moved back in place. Amazing. And now it is ready to begin it's new life. All of this is a metaphor, of beginning a new life.

The idea of taking something that has inherent value although it may not be easily recognized, is interesting to me. I have been thinking of birds again and looking at some of my earlier work as well as drawings I did as a child.  Then I made a few drawings and a watercolor of the house {oh I forgot to photograph that one, oops!} and decided to make it the center of this print. Other imagery includes an interlocking pattern as a symbol for a plan, a bird, cloud, rainbow, and water patterns.

I hand pulled only fifteen prints of this image, because I like for editions to be small, 50 or under. My love is making original, one of a kind pieces and I hope for the viewer to make a connection to an idea or image in the piece. Art is something you live with. I also painted each print by hand using handmade watercolor and have listed them in my Gallery Store and Etsy shop.

Thank you for reading a little bit about my thoughts today. I appreciate it!

ps. Thank you Jena for your post about The Working Proof! Jena also has a new space, Miss Modish.