Process | arrangements + painting

There's something about the process of making arrangements from paper and tiny bits that I like.  It's a kind of brain exercise to move separate objects about and figure out how they can go together, to make a new story.  Sometimes when I am in a transition, I will make an arrangement. I know  taking a photograph is an important part of the process too, to see the grouping as a whole on the screen. I believe it helps me make compositional decisions in a different work in progress. This particular arrangement {above} incorporates elements that I either used directly {the blue shapes and white pinhole paper on the left} to make a painting or inspired some part of one.  I like this arrangement large so I made a desktop calendar out of it, just for fun.

Another form of "brain release" for me is to paint, with the only objective being TO PAINT. Not for anyone or anything, or with an end destination in mind, but simply to paint. So last night, {while M. was in a meeting, and even though it was dinner time and I was hungry} I took an hour or two to be quiet in my studio. I added watercolor into a lithography print series I am working on and I made an art card {seen below}.  I feel like time is going by so fast, that I am only able to scrape at the edges of all that I want to do. That is the idea behind the sky scraper painting. Do you ever feel that way?

So this weekend I hope to make a nest for myself in the studio and try to catch some ideas that may get away from me otherwise. I also hope to visit a few artists' studios, as part of the Lawrence ArtWalk this weekend.  What are you up to?