Thoughts about simplicity

This morning I awoke to a thick fog, as dense as I've seen. It was a magical sight, like waking to find snow spread across the neighborhood. Happily the sun is breaking today, as we've had days of grey, and wondering where it is shining in the world. Ahhh, the power of light to break even a mental haze.

I've been working so hard lately that realizing Thanksgiving is one week from today is startling. This is one of those years that seems abbreviated in time and concentrated in things to do.  With the realization that the holidays are upon us, I feel frenzy tapping on my shoulder telling me to get busy. Busy making ornaments, printing new letterpress cards, stitching the gifts I customarily give to my family for Christmas, and the shopping.  Uggh, the shopping. I like the days of "Little House on the Prairie". Mary sews Pa a blue flannel shirt and Pa makes Laura a saddle and they're happy to be together around a table of homemade food in a warm house. I like that scenario, in giving and receiving.  So take a hike frenzy. I'm shedding light on your hazy plan.  I shall prioritize and do what is important. And perhaps being is the point rather than all the doing?

In addition I will say this is a good year to buy handmade.  I mean if we're going to be shopping we should buy something that has been made with love, by two hands, with thought and purpose.  Those are the gifts I like to give and receive.  One of my all time favorite received gifts are the hand-carved pinhole needle tools my husband made for me. And I love the sweaters, scarves & mittens my mom knits and the homemade cinnamon swirl bread my dad makes.  Those are beautiful and delicious works of art that I remember.

More than ever simplicity itself is a gift.

Enjoy your day,

ps. Martha's HANDCRAFT collection