Hello. Here we are in the middle of Monday already and I am still thinking of our weekend and the good and simple moments that filled it. The temperatures were warm, the sky was bright blue and more yellow and red leaves were carried to the ground by autumn breezes.

We celebrated my birthday, a birthday in which for a long while I had been anticipating with some anxiousness because there are certain expectations one feels upon reaching this age. But now I am standing here looking at this new age and not {totally} panicking and I realize I am ok. That's a good feeling.

So we celebrated by having dinner with friends, a latte from the coffee shop, chocolate torte with fresh creme, taking bike rides in the sun {my husband surprised me with a bike from the Lawrence ReCyclery!}, homemade biscuits for Saturday breakfast, mushroom risotto, salad greens from the autumn garden, and making starburst rolls while enjoying the sun pouring in the kitchen window Sunday afternoon. We had a wonderful end to October and quite a nice passage into November. I hope your new month is beginning with a little sun and something delightful in your days,