underlying beauty

A few weeks ago, M. and I rode our bikes down by the river and the train tracks and saw this neat old building. What you can't see in the windows behind those iron bars are the three-petaled red tulips in the stained glass. It reminds me to think of the underlying beauty in things including the nicer times during this cranky week. A week that began with a husband with the stomach flu, and included frozen car locks, a broken camera, a cookie catastrophe, and other gripes. But in the end we are fine.

So, I'm recalling a few moments of underlying beauty. }

* Going to bed Tuesday night to a light orange sky, bright from the falling snow and lights reflecting from downtown. The beautiful sight of waking up Wednesday morning to the sparkling whiteness {even though school wasn't called off}.

* Seeing a wild hare huddle in the brown grasses and snow, under the stairs of my studio. Perhaps it is warmer under there than we think. We had a volunteer tomato outlast all our other garden tomatoes in the cold.

* Having chili to reheat for dinner throughout the week. Some things improve with age, don't they?

* Nice emails from friends with words of encouragement.

* Wrapping and packing up orders to mail. I love brown paper and string and tiny tags.

* Tackling a couple things which I had been putting off, like securing plane tickets.

* Seeing a stray kitten follow his nose in the snow to find the food I left out for him. {He's very skiddish or yes, we'd probably try to rescue him somehow.}

* Toasted cinnamon swirl bread with butter each morning. So fine.

* Visiting Tara at her blog is like visiting with her in her home. She is refreshing and kind. This Tara is quite creative and sweet too.

* Enjoying the feeling of relief when some things are over and you made it through.

I wonder, is there a sweet moment in disguise from your week?

Have a good weekend,