a few moments

I've been trying to enjoy a few moments of quiet this afternoon with two cups of hot lemon zinger tea and cinnamon swirl bread as a treat. Attempting to put holiday stresses aside I sorted through the haphazard stack of mail, washed the dishes, folded a little laundry and swept the floor. Glancing out the window I noticed the house sparrows gathering in the dried zinnia stalks, waiting their turn at the bird feeder. All through this tidying and quietude I'm wondering why this time of year is so stressful. Why does it have to be? I mean really? Stress is antithetical to Christmas. Well, for now, I'm going to savor this fading afternoon glow and these precious moments of peace.

}  I have a felt leaf gift trimmings tutorial over at cafe mom today. Thank you Sheri for asking me to share a holiday craft idea!
} Check out Rachel's Kansas posts this week here, part of the americana film project.

I hope it's peaceful where you are,