of winter light and dreams

I thought I'd post a few of my flickr faves taken by others here today while I'm taking my lunch break. Scrambled egg, toast with black currant preserves, and a gala apple spread with peanut butter. Not bad. I like breakfast most any time.

These photo faves span some of my wintry picks over the past two years. I feel together they produce a narrative of sorts, finding beauty in the soft light of winter and joy in dreaming of warmth. {Click image to view sources.}

A little bit ago when I walked down from the studio I saw a male cardinal with a round apple belly perched in the elbow of a tree. He seemed quite happy at our above freezing temperatures today. Also reminding me I need to refill our bird feeder.

Thank you for your comments here yesterday. Do you know what an encouragement you are? I hope you do.

Enjoy your day,