Inspired Finale

Jen has posted the final pair of Inspired. Yes, the last duo of our collaboration. That makes two of my projects that are ending, sniff sniff. Since she mentioned one of her favorites pairs, I mention I think this is one of mine {from april 2008} as is this one {from may 2008} and from this year I really like this one. It has been an amazing experience to work with Jen and I remarked to her today that I couldn't believe we began discussing Inspired exactly two years ago! And then we began shortly thereafter. What a nice way to mark time, by making a piece of art with someone and being inspired by them.  Thank you for letting us share all our pairs with you!

Now I am going to go make soup of some sort. Today I made two loaves of pilgrim's bread; I amended the recipe by adding flax meal and wheat gluten. That bread begs for some soup to sop up. And oh, I checked out A Christmas Story from the library. "You'll shoot your eye out!" Ha!

Have a nice evening,