cookie hearts

Hi :)

The other night I made peanut butter cookies and as I was stirring the batter I thought to myself, "Why do these cookies have to be round?". "They don't". "How about hearts?"

Well anyway, it sounded fun and like a good excuse to play with the dough. So after chilling it a while and working on the bread that I was also making, I made the hearts this way:
} take a big spoonful of dough & divide it in half
} roll each half into a ball and then into a fat worm shape
} lay them on the cookie sheet in a v-shape and pinch slightly at the point
} then flatten them with a fork
} voila, little peanut butter hearts.

I rarely follow a recipe exactly {sometimes that gets me into trouble}, so I also threw in some wheat germ and milled flax seed. {I'd like to develop my own recipe, working on that.} And since I felt the cookies could have been slightly sweeter I dipped them in melted semi-sweet chocolate. Yep, that did the trick.

Guess what? Tomorrow Jen and I will share our December Inspired responses. Shhh, we know it's February.