finding winter, drawing spring

hello to you :)

Did you have a good weekend, I hope? I've been so busy I feel a little gypped by the weekend, although I did make some Moosewood multigrain muffins and finally a couple of broccoli quiches with goat cheese. And the weather on Saturday was amazing! I opened all the windows.

I am so excited to share with you some of the new work that I'll be adding to my shop Tuesday morning by 11 am. cst.! For the "finding winter, drawing spring" collection I am combining disciplines of drawing, painting, printing and photography to comprehensively talk about renewing hope within a stark time. 'Winter' and 'spring' are metaphors for these thoughts, of finding vibrant growth within something that seems cold and unforgiving.

the update will comprise}
} postcard sets

} a small selection from the {whisper} series

} special sets of 2 limited edition letterpress prints & 4 photographs (For these two letterpress prints I made/cut by hand two blocks for each print and combined that with antique type. Only 25 prints were made of each design.)

} four original watercolors from the 'winter squares' series

I am trying to make everything as affordable as possible for this portion of the collection. I have also been working on larger works for upcoming gallery exhibitions. But tomorrow, for the shop, I will have price points between $10 - $60. Hope you can drop by!

I better get back to it,