our weekend

Good morning,

We had a nice weekend and I hope you did as well.

Above are glimpses of our goings on, I'll share more about a few of them throughout the week.

I worked on a new arrangement : watched the birds soar : painted some new ideas : made a cottage loaf : M. turned the soil and planted two rows of peas : and we made a big yummy batch of vegetable soup.

I'm trying to resist having a slice of that bread right now and save it for our soup leftovers, but I may not be able to do it. We also made french toast Saturday morning from homemade bread and some chocolate chip cookies from my recipe {that I am always tweaking}. So we really had a lot of food going on this weekend, and I'm ok with that.

My personal goal for this week is to focus. We'll see.

Tomorrow, a surprise. {there's a clue in one of the photos}