little rays of sun

Hi :)

Even though it's only been a couple day since I last posted I feel it's been longer. I don't know if you ever feel this way, but after getting all the work together for my shop update, I have felt tired and just a little 'spent'. It's kind of the way I feel when I prepare really hard for an exhibition and then when the show opening is over it's like, ok, now what? It's a strange mix of sadness, tiredness, relief, but also a time of transition, redirection, and starting anew.

So Tuesday night I sat at my table and painted these watercolors, for the mere sake of painting. I feel like sometimes it just pours out and I have to let it. You know? I know I'm the type of person that really can only focus on one thing at a time and I just give it my all.

I also like having something to look forward to. And happily, this weekend my work will be in two invitational shows. One {seen below} called "Delicacy" and the other is a benefit show in L.A. called fresh stART. Fresh stART is a "one-night sale of paintings, works on paper, and photography to benefit therapeutic art programs for at-risk youth." Profits benefit Para los Niños and the artists. I wish I could just hop on a plane to Los Angeles and attend the show Saturday night. Wouldn't that be fun? I almost considered it when I saw a certain airline advertising low airfares to L.A. If only I were more spontaneous.
We will go to the Delicacy opening tomorrow night and I think it will be fun and a beautiful show. I hear there will be cupcakes. Couldn't ask for more.

This was a rather long winded post for me. Tomorrow I think perhaps I will share some flickr favorites.

The sunshine is making me happy today,

ps. Jan is simply the best. Thanks for the post Jan!