little joys

1. sofa + blankets + pillows by Shari, 2. flat by Martha, 3. Untitled by Sandra, 4. Journal Pages May 2008 by Geninne.

Hi :)

little joys from my week}

* sipping a non-fat latte and noticing the strata of coffee and cream on the wall of the cup.
* homemade broccoli quiche with goat cheese
* cripps pink apples
* tying brown paper parcels with string
* making a surprise for a friend
* noticing little rainbows of color in my cat's black fur
* opening the windows to sunshine and 60 degree temps!
* friends who lend a listening ear
* working on another poem
* knowing my Grandfather is celebrating his 93rd birthday this weekend
* looking forward

Do you have any little joys you can share?

Happy weekend,