sundays and neighbors

Hi you :)

First of all, I hope you had a really, really nice weekend. Ours was quite full with the delicacy show opening, cleaning, working, visiting with friends, and baking on Sunday. Sundays are good for...

... going to church and really thinking about what it means to "love your neighbor as yourself".
... making pancakes for brunch
... two hour naps! {I guess I was pretty tired from the week.}
... baking two loaves of oatmeal bread
... baking peanut butter cookies, in heart shapes.
... deciding to make vegetable soup but then realizing you only have 30 minutes until Desperate Housewives comes on and you decide to make spaghetti instead.

I know that in Victoria folks have not had a great time of it and sweet Jeana has posted links to ways we can help. She also has a photo set of the bushfires.

Even here in the middle of Kansas, people in Australia are neighbors, right? I've decided {just as I've been typing this post} that from today until the end of Wednesday, when anyone purchases either the "finding winter, neighborhood" or "finding winter, blue" photo set in my shop that 80% of the profits will be donated to the Salvation Army Bushfire Relief. I will also announce this in my shop and over here, a new awesome site Jan has set up. Will you help by spreading the word?

Thanks friends,