teaspoon full

Good morning,

It rained really hard last night and this morning is so dark and grey that I slept straight through my alarm! It's a good thing it's a studio day. :)

Yesterday after I took this spoon photo {view larger here} I sat down and wrote a poem. I've been uncharacteristically sharing my poems and haikus here lately, that I hesitate to share it. I think I'll just tuck it away in my stack of other notes and sketches.

Instead how 'bout some links? Two young artists' work }
} Photographer : Chloe Aftel, including the landscape set. This one and this one grab me, along with others.
} Artist : Julia Selin found via dear ada
} Our daffodils are beginning to bloom!

Also I finally came to a decision about a charity. I've decided to give 10% of art card profits to our local Humane Society and perhaps will rotate charities quarterly throughout the year {unless I decide to return to the subscriptions}. Just wanted to let you know; you were so helpful with your suggestions!

Have a nice Tuesday. Tomorrow I have some handmade faves to share.