on pressing & painting

Peeks of new work in process I'm planning for a show. Sizes are 10 x 11 in. and include graphite drawing, watercolor, letterpress and linoleum block printing.

I have been interested in Julie Green's egg tempera paintings since I was a grad student and met her in her home. I'm beginning to revisit her work and let me just say, it's still so powerful yet now in new ways. If you read about her Last Supper project on her site, you'll be blown away. Work like hers reminds me to make important work and try not to get caught up in the rif-raf. Perhaps you know what I mean? Looking at her body of work wakes me up, artistically, and makes me want to drop everything {like _______, blogging, _______, flickr, etc.} to paint, paint, paint. And her materials remind me {which I've been feeling lately anyway} how much I miss grinding my own watercolor and egg tempera paints. I feel the tactility and discipline of that process stirring within me and know I won't be able to ignore returning to it much longer.

I originally was going to share some handmade faves with you today but sharing Julie's work seemed more pressing. But before you go, don't miss these two things}
} Rachel will be having a shop update today around noon cst. Have you seen her photos lately?
} And in case you haven't seen Dialogue @ Design for Mankind. The first episode features three of my favorite people, in addition to Erin herself, of course.