a few faves + guess what?

Hello to you today,

I thought I'd share a little nine-patch batch of my recent handmade faves. Do you enjoy having handmade items around you as much as I do? I think you do. :)

1 } Painter by The Small Factory
2 } Drip Plate by Cat Merrick
3 } Music boxes by Something's Hiding In Here
4 } Little Rustic Raindrop Bottle by Richard Johnson
5 } Custom Birch Bark Silhouette by Jenny Lee Fowler
6 } Crochet bracelet by Laura Normandin/Wren Handmade
7 } urban village print by Rick Beerhorst/Studio Beerhorst
8 } Large and Small Porcelain Serving Bowls by Isabelle Abramson
9 } old cross stitch of a robin at silocurb

Guess what's happening next week? Yes, it's spring break for some of us around here but I will also be celebrating my shop's one year anniversary on March 20! I really can't believe it and I'm pretty thankful for it too. So I'm planning a little something special for you {like a sale, surprise, or the like}. But if you have anything you'd like to see, let me know. I'm always open to your ideas. Seriously, let me know.

till soon,