this is how it's going


How are you today? I'm popping in on my lunch break to share bits of what I'm working on and offer a little glimpse of my inspiration.

I just began the piece above that is comprised of graphite drawing, watercolor, and a portion of linoleum block print. It took a while to cut the block and when I first printed it yesterday I was frustrated because it didn't look the way I imagined. Well a couple friends helped me to "embrace it's printiness", think about layering, and now wouldn't you know, I'm embracing.

Yesterday I found this 1941 printing of "Weeds in Kansas" packed away and the illustrations are really interesting. I remember looking at it a few years ago and incorporated parts into oil paintings. I am also drawing one of those little plastic animals in this piece.

I've been photographing my stack of saved watercolor paper towels in a project called fold. Well this month I am now using cotton muslin as my blotter and am dating the fabric pieces. I think it would be fun to exhibit them with the work they correspond to, don't you?

Before I go, I want you to check out the new {opened yesterday!} jewelry shop of my metalsmith friend Bailey. She and I were in the Delicacy show together and actually it's only because of her that I was able to be part of it. I have been wearing a gorgeous pendant every day she made and it just so happens that these earrings would go beautifully with it! And oh, her super-talented husband is printmaker Justin Marable. They are one creative duo.

Anything new with you?