I felt like drawing seedlings this morning - "fig. 1" and "fig. 2", graphite, watercolor, letterpress blind embossing on paper, 5 in. x 5 in. I think "seedlings" will become a small series, perhaps for the shop? or gallery? Don't know yet.

It seems the flowering shrubs and trees fared ok despite our little ice storm. That's good news!

Guess what? I will be a guest at habit throughout the month of April. I've been looking forward to it all month! So I may be here at my blog a little less as I will be there almost daily. And you know I'm always at the NP. Which reminds me, you have until the end of Tuesday to leave a comment about what you're noticing, and be entered into our giveaway. We'll draw a name on Apr. 1.

It's past lunchtime and I'm hungry. Think I'll make a cream cheese/cucumber sandwich and sit in the sun before getting back to work.