seedlings II

G' morning,

Sharing a little film with you, actually from last year. But feeling happy that our seedlings fared ok through the weekend's weather, I decided to dig these out. This year {so far} we have spinach, mesclun salad mix, kohlrabi, sugar snaps, pak choy, tomatoes, eggplant, brussels sprouts, and broccoli seedlings coming up. We have new strawberry plants and grape plants to set. Our lettuce, cucumber, and zucchini seeds were too old so we need to restart those. Hopefully the weather this next weekend will cooperate and we can get those babies in the ground!

I hope the garden does well that we can pretty much live off it over the summer. Wouldn't that be so nice? M. has the task of soil preparation and I'll be the primary weeder. I actually like pulling weeds, it kind of filters my brain in the process.

} habit makes me happy.

Are you going to have a garden?