favorites by others and a haiku by me

1. {film.237}, 2. Het is fragiel, 3. ., 4. Proud mum

no one seeks the blue
bitter shade of night time elm
moonlight arms bare skin

So I've been in a bit of a writing mood lately. On unexpected mornings I awake to words forming in my mind and I go to write them down as I drink my coffee. Or sometimes when I sit in my studio in the late afternoon and the walls turn almost pink with sunlight and all is still, there are words in that space.

I find writing a haiku to be a bit like practicing good economics. Choose carefully. But I am one who appreciates the humor in a clumsy run-on sentence, so making careful selections causes me to be, well, careful.

By no means do I consider myself to be a writer yet feel it is another medium that enables me to assemble mental images. Are there mediums other than your own primary medium that you enjoy?

Now I think I will make a broccoli quiche for dinner. What are you having for dinner?