lightening up } day 5

another view

good things about today }

} It's Friday! That's a good thing. In fact it is Good Friday.
} Yesterday I found this paper in my back jeans' pocket. I pulled it out and realized it was a grocery list, or what was left of a list after going through the laundry. I looked it a moment. Hmmm. The paper felt soft, pulpy, and the creases were interesting. What would happen if I drew and painted on it? So of course I tried it. I liked how some pen marks were still barely visible after washing. The idea of making something {a drawing or list} and then washing it and working on it again seems interesting. I wonder if or how I may translate this into my work? Perhaps the artist book I have begun? Incidentally, the list paper was from Rach, check out her download for some sweet beehive printed paper.
} I'm enjoying exchanging poems with a friend.
} Do you celebrate Easter or Passover? We will be celebrating Easter. Tomorrow morning I help out with a childrens' Easter Egg hunt at my church and then Sunday is Easter Sunday.
} I made a couple loaves of bread yesterday and my Dad sent me a link to a recipe for hot cross buns that I want to try. Are you cooking something special or traditional?

Thanks for sharing good things about your days throughout this week. I wonder what next week will bring?

What's one good thing about your day?