our Easter weekend

before and after our little Easter brunch : also today is this kitty's 13th birthday

With just the two of us I still wanted to celebrate Easter with the little details and traditions like springy linens, heirloom china, dyed eggs, potato salad, {which really turned out better than I first believed} fresh garden flowers, and homemade cinnamon rolls.

I mentioned I wanted to make hot cross buns from this recipe my Dad emailed me. {Note, my Dad is the true artisan bread baker of our family, for sure.} Well looking at it I thought, I don't want to make a recipe using 8 eggs, so I halved it. Next time I will have someone check my math because 3/4 tsp. salt is not half of 1 1/2 T. What was I thinking? Who knows. Well then I made the dough forgetting to add all the spices because I printed it out on a different page. uggh. So once I realized that, I decided to try to turn that dough into cinnamon rolls. In the end they turned out fine and M. likes them so I'm good with that. However I'm not completely satisfied and want to try it again!

Yesterday we also took a big afternoon nap, which when I woke up I felt completely baffled about what day and time it was. I'm still feeling a little befuddled.

So perhaps our traditions will entail a little comedy of errors? If so, as long as I can laugh about it, I'm good.

How was your weekend?

ps. I'm going to have use word verification for comments again. There was some weirdness the other day.