thoughts on creativity

I imagine you are a person who has at least one or more creative interests. For you, are they strong all at once or do you feel prolific in one at a time? Do you have a creative growth spurt and then a resting time? I think I recently had a growth spurt with my drawings and now the ideas are percolating. So I have been enjoying writing bits of poems and baking in the kitchen, even if the baking doesn't always turn out! I wonder how one mode feeds the other? I guess it's good that our creative ventures take turns in our lives, or we'd probably feel rather explosive.

I've been working on this piece above, {which I am calling an artist's book} a little bit each studio day. It will be an accumulation of thoughts and images over time, not necessarily chronological, but overlapping and coexisting. When I feel stuck on other individual pieces, I come to this one to draw, write, paint, and print.

} Did you know Melissa has a new space now?
} Have you read this interview with Susannah Conway?

It's gloriously sunny here today and I feel inspired to begin my studio day by rearranging my inspiration wall.

I hope you have a good day,