thoughts on creativity, 2

Good morning,

Thank you for sharing your thoughts and experiences on creativity. I feel we could think/talk about this a little more, don't you?

Yesterday was a good day. I arranged items on my inspiration and 'things to think about' wall. I also re-sifted {re-sifted is not quite the same as tidying up, but almost} some stuff in the stacks on my table. Simply moving things around cleared my mind, brought previous ideas to the top again, and perked me up.

Then I worked on a few little pieces, even added a couple art cards to the shop, and wrote a haiku. While I was working, I heard good news on the radio that there are signs the recession is easing up. Amen! M. even came home from work last night in a mood other than terrible. Woah. Did the earth shift? I doubt it. Because today is still the infamous April 15, not just wacky Wednesday.

Here's a little fuel for the mind }
} The Good to Know Project - artists discuss ways to overcome creative barriers in this Pikaland publication. {Amy hosted a great etsy lab last night too btw. Thanks Amy!}
} Check out a new issue of this joy + ride today.
} Lisa's piece at Tiny Showcase takes my breath away.

hoping for another good day for all,