inspiration from grandmothers

Yesterday I received a lovely surprise from my folks; some linens and doilies that belonged to my grandmothers on both sides of the family. These particular ones belonged to my maternal grandmother and possibly great grandmother. I know just what I will do with them, can you guess?

On my studio table there is this framed pinhole piece I did about 4-5 years ago which was my first doily inspired pinhole piece, entitled "about Mama". Mama was the name my sister and I called my maternal grandmother. I remember as a young girl, working on a small embroidery quilted patch with her as she was teaching me about hand-stitching. She loved embroidering and made everything from Christmas ornaments to pillows to wall hangings.

A few years ago, a friend of mine once remarked that he thought my pinhole work was "like sewing without thread." I have always liked that notion as it relates to my own thoughts and inspiration about this pinhole work. So I have decided I am keeping this first framed piece, I try to keep my favorite pieces from the different series I do, as it began an ongoing series of doily pieces. And actually, today I am shipping two pieces from the series to L.A. for a show opening in May. More about that soon.

Who is someone who has inspired you in your creative work?

I look forward to hearing about your inspiration,