a few thoughts

A photo sketch for a personal spring/summer project I'm thinking about.

This morning I woke up, walked outside and looked up at the sky. The moon was still hanging, half-bright, and surrounded by clouds dusted with pink. The air smelled slightly moist and I imagined for a moment I was at the ocean. I am so wanting M. and I to be able to take a vacation. {It's been nearly seven years {our honeymoon} when we took time away, that wasn't to go visit one of our families.} It doesn't help when I get emails about travel deals to Oahu or Cancun or something like that. Does not help. Anyway.

Since I've been posting at habit this month, not only have I been enjoying reading what the others are sharing and the community, but also how it encourages me to recognize specific, special moments from my days. So much so, that even once my turn is complete, I would like to continue this exercise on my own, privately.

This weekend is going to be mega busy, but I think it will be good. Next week I plan to share with you the project my husband has been working on, a house he designed and with his small team of craftsmen, has been building for almost a year. It. is. amazing. {I'm not biased.}

What is in store for your weekend?