933 Delaware

So are you ready for a little tour of the house my husband poured his all into over the past year? It has been such an interesting time, full of changes in and around this project. I have seen Matt expand his knowledge, skills, and what he is able to accomplish. I told him now that I've seen this project come to fruition it raises the bar on my expectations for our own house reno! Yet I know our house will not be like this. My head is not completely in the clouds.

It is amazing how construction can affect individuals and their families in all sorts of ways. I have to say it made me a little emotional here near the end. On Saturday morning before the open house began, Matt left to complete finishing touches before guests arrived. For some reason, realizing that we were at "this point", the end of the project, I just broke down in tears. I'm not sure how to explain it but perhaps it was a realization that "we were here".

And the open house itself was great. It was fun to watch him talk excitedly to people about all the points of the building. It has materials in it that will never be in any other structure. It has heart and soul too, not just of Matt but of all the people who worked on it over the past year. We enjoyed sharing it with our friends who have been such a support.

Without further ado, let's look at a few photos...

This shows the north view of the house with the original brick structure, contemporary middle portion with bent wood rain screen made from reclaimed douglas fir and stucco back portion. The two car garage in the back has a rubber membrane with wire trellis system for honeysuckle vines. The house went from just over 500 sq. ft. to 2100 sq. ft.

All the cabinetry and doors are custom made by Matt and crew. Cabinets are walnut and birch with maple butcher block, stainless steel and concrete countertops.

In these photos you can see Matt's business partner and long-time friend Eric Jay. We're so glad he and his family moved here from Telluride last summer to be part of the company. Eric is an architect and has had a hand in all parts of the building process since the construction began. My husband designed and built the house with his company struct/restruct for caterer Robert Krause, however it is on the market. They worked on site for ten months.

Tempered glass hatch door to wine cellar in original house's stone basement. photo by Rachel Saldana

I love the details in the downstairs bath. Root ball walnut vanity, engine turned metal backsplash, burly elm mirror frame. photo by Rachel Saldana

Open house guests watching the automatic door slide open. We were really pleased with the response and number of attendees. I was also thankful to our friends that were able to visit.

A view from the outside patio through the overhead opening door into the house.
The stairs are made of reclaimed douglas fir and handrail is made of reclaimed walnut with custom made metal connectors and posts. Local metalsmith, Jonah Seibel made the metal parts. {I can't locate a website for him right now}

I think I will show you the upstairs, more of the outside and garage and other details in another post. In the meantime, if you're interested in seeing where this house began and a little process click here.

This week in addition to sharing more about this project, I have two shows to share with you too.

See you soon,