garden parties, friends, and wildflower watercolors

Good morning, er I mean, afternoon to you,

So Friday night we decided we'd have a little garden party Saturday to celebrate M.'s birthday. That meant a frenzied yard and studio tidy up and food prep. I'm glad our friends are flexible and can fly by the seat of their pants like us. We had a nice little evening and I think we ate ok. ;)

Look at the sweet chocolate walnut banana bread Rach brought {all neatly wrapped}. It's so delicious. I had to just get a piece after sitting here looking at this photo.

And this morning I worked on getting my new works on paper into the shop and uploaded to the new Poppytalk Handmade Market which just opened today as well. Here's a link to my table. The Poppytalk markets are so well put together and I think Paper Pops has to be my favorite! I'm going to spend a little time perusing the goods because I'd like to do a post on some of my favorites.
Lastly, I owe a big thank you to Amy for the feature today on Pikaland!

Now I think I will work on an item on my joy list, working in the garden. Really it's an excuse to be outside in the sun.

Have a great Monday,