sunday evening

I think these sugar snaps have the prettiest blooms. I wish I could cut a few to put in a vase, but I won't. | In the foreground are the bok choy which we are letting go to seed, to collect for next year. | Our peonies began to open this weekend!


How are you tonight?
We've spent the day weeding in the garden, and I weeded for five hours to be exact. And yes, I'm a tad tired. I can tell the back of my legs will be sore tomorrow and my fingertips are already sore. But that's ok. Our garden needed it, for sure. We also got a trailer full of mulch to spread around, which hopefully will help.

So I've been thinking about my summer plan since my summer officially begins at 3:30 pm this coming Friday. And as far as I've gotten is, each morning I would like to wake up, go walk, then come home and fix the coffee and weed in the garden a bit. Then head up for a day in the studio. Now, I just need to get my studio plan on. And it would be good for me to devise a reading plan.

But first, this week is shaping up to be pretty nice. For one, Emily's show opens Wednesday, YAY!! And tomorrow morning, a petite artists' gathering which is sure to be a treat. And of course, Friday, for reasons aforementioned.

What's on the agenda for your week? I sure hope it's tasty.

finishing off the evening with some fresh spinach and asparagus,