about food

{brunch today outside was quite nice. we'll see how the next ten days go!}

A couple days ago I read this post of Molly's about a 'no grocery shopping and getting creative by making use of what's in the pantry challenge' and it's been on my mind since. I've been thinking about how easy it is for us to just go get food at the store when we run out, in fact we're within walking distance.

And then I recalled the summer after M. and I were married when we were so broke that I cashed in the change from our piggy banks just so we would have $22 to buy groceries. We pretty much ate bean burgers {that I made from cooking dry black beans and rice, forming into patties} and tomatoes, okra and peppers we grew in our garden. And while it was a hard summer in some ways it was also quite memorable and we made it work and certainly did not starve.

So I will take part in this challenge because I want to be a bit more creative about cooking. Our recent store trip was last Wednesday and I stopped today to got milk, yeast to bake bread, tempeh, yogurt and coffee. Now tomorrow I will go strawberry picking but then after that, no store trips until let's say, June 10. yikes.

The three things I will allow for a trip to the store are milk, bananas, and coffee. We do have dry beans in the cabinet and are getting sugar snaps and lettuce from the garden now. Today I need to make bread because we are out, should make granola and soak some dry beans. I'll get right on that after my afternoon nap.

Go read Molly's post, and perhaps you'd like to join the challenge?

I'll be back tomorrow or the next day with some tags,