bits of joy

items found while digging around the garden yesterday

Good morning,

I hope you had a bright weekend! We had a yummy little brunch yesterday and then worked in the garden all afternoon, M. planting peppers and I weeding. I also made a couple baguettes that tasted more scrumptious than their appearance would lead one to believe.

I'm working on my find joy list...
one. Spend at least a few moments each day working in the garden. {Maybe I can get the weeds more under control!}
two. Make bread at least once a week. {I realize I miss it when I haven't made bread for weeks!}
three. Be sure to hug my husband and each of our three cats at least once daily. {That shouldn't be hard to do, pretty much do that already, but you know, those crazy busy days can sometimes slip by. ;)}

} I really wish I had some polaroid film or could still get it around here, so I could take part in this.
} I think there's lots of beauty here.
} M. and I took more photos of his project this weekend so hopefully this week I'll share the upstairs and exterior with you.

alrighty, hbm!