friday goodness

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Good morning to you,

This morning it is raining again and I am really thankful we picked up more coffee beans from the grocery last night. It's barely light yet out and I would not want to be caffeine-less.

I thought I would share a few of my recent flickr faves, that have a dreamy feel or allusions to grand and other places.

What are you up to this weekend? Tomorrow I will be making cupcakes because someone around here is having his birthday. Emily sent me her recipe since I've never had much luck with yellow cake, and that was the request from the birthday guy. I'm looking forward to trying it. The recipe calls for buttermilk; which is something I never buy. I figure it will be a good excuse to also make some biscuits.

I'll be back either a bit this weekend to share some more peeks of new work for the shop or on Monday when my shop update is complete. Have a dreamy weekend! And Happy Mother's day to you moms!