berry good day

Today we went strawberry picking and I think we each probably picked about ten pounds. While I was out there in that hot field I began restructuring my goals for Molly's challenge. The point for me in this, is to be more creative in the kitchen and work harder in the garden. It felt good to be out working and picking our own food, even though I am still all hot and sticky. I do think I will savor those berries a little more because of it.

So really the aspect I am omitting from my original plan is I'm not going to forbid us from going to the store over the next week to ten days, when we need something basic. We are pretty simple when it comes to cooking and I realized yesterday when I made bread that we are now out of flour.

Following through, I did cook a big batch of granola and black & pinto beans which we topped on our salad tonight for dinner. The lettuce greens, sugar snaps, and beets are from our garden and on the side you see my butter patted homemade bread. {I like butter.} And our dessert, can you guess? Strawberries with honey and greek yogurt.

So I guess I feel good about my realizations of what is important in my goal re-structures and don't really feel like I'm bailing on the challenge, but scaling it to fit us.

Now. I need to decide how to prepare all these berries!