more from the studio


Above is the drawing I mentioned yesterday I'd show you, the one where I solved the problem. Do you know what solved it for me? Printing the big barge across it. The whole piece needed something to transcend the edges of the house shape, something dark, and masculine. It also repeats the blue waves drawn within the triangle roof and furthers the idea behind the title, "CARRY". It was a voila moment. I love it when that happens. I believe it's finished or nearly, perhaps a detail or two. But I'm letting it thoughtfully rest a bit. I'm making lots of notes right now & it seems my table is rather messy busy.

} I have been thinking about Rauschenberg a bit while working on these new pieces. {Untitled, 1952}, {Barge}.
} Ray Johnson

I think I may also make some jotters today, we'll see. I have a small stack of cows printed & ready to turn into something.